Friday, September 3, 2010

Hello Everyone!
I hope you'll join me at the Bon Voyage, pre Italy, jazz in the heart of Texas gig!
This Thursday, Sept. 9th
at: The Elephant Room
9:30 to 1:30
315 Congress Ave.
Austin, TX.
(512) 473-2279
The Suzi Stern Quintet
joining me will be, Rich Harney piano, John Fremgen Bass, Wayne Satzmann drums and the amazing Dr. John Mills sax
I am so fortunate to have this world class group of guys to play with, and I hope you'll come hear us!

This summer has been filled with traveling and some outstanding performance experiences...
Below is a re-cap of some of the highlights and some up-coming gigs as well...thanks for the continued support and hope to see you soon.
all the best,

Check out this exciting band if you haven't yet had the opportunity! we'll be back at the Elephant this fall...
GATO 6 featuring Suzi Stern
with George Oldziey piano , Wayne Salzman drums, Kris Afflerbaugh bass, Dennis Dotson trumpet, John Mills sax, Sergio Santos percussion
The Elephant Room
315 Congress Ave.
Austin, TX.
Sat. August 14th
Suzi Stern at Cezannes
Montrose Ave. Houston TX.
with: George Oldziey piano, David Craig bass, Sabastian Whittaker drums & Dennis Dotson trumpet
Thursday Aug. 26th
Suzi Stern Quartet with Paul Unger at:
The Scat Jazz in Dallas/Ft. Worth TX.
for info. visit
Sunday Aug. 29th
Suzi Stern Quartet in concert
at: Sullivans
Doors open at 6:00, show starts at 7:00
300 Colorodo St.
Austin TX.
(512) 495-6504
with Rich Harney, Scott Lanningham, John Fremgen and Kellye Grey
Sept. 12th to the 25th
Off to ITALY!!!! Rome, Sorrento, Capri, the Amalfi Coast!!
October 9th
teaching a jazz vocal workshop for:
Jazz Institute of Houston
Check out details on line
and that evening I'll be singing with Paul English at:
The French Corner
in Houston Tx.
Oct. 21st
Suzi Stern with GATO 6
At The Elephant Room
Austin TX.
with George Oldziey, Wayne Salzmann, Kris Afflerbaugh, John Mills and Dennis Dotson
Nov. 18th
The Suzi Stern Quintet
The Elephant Room
315 Congress
Austin TX.
with Rich Harney, Wayne Salzman, John Fremgen and John Mills
The highlight of May was May 19th at Kitano in NYC
with Bob Rodriguez, Steve Varner & Tom Sayek. It was absolutely wonderful...hope to see you there again in the not too distant future.
June was filled with hours in the recording studio...GATO 6 is looking at releasing a new c.d. in early October, so keep your eyes open! It's been a blast singing those charts!
My work with Symphony of Soul is on-going...bringing music to homeless shelters, and special care facilities.