Monday, December 5, 2011

A Child's Christmas in Wales...

On Friday December 16th...A very special holiday offering at Casa Karen!
a unique redering of the holiday classic by Dylan Thomas...
"A Child's Christmas in Wales"
with original music by vocalist Suzi Stern, Rich Harney on piano & synth , Buddy Mohammed on acoustic bass and coming in from Amsterdam for the performance Alex Coke on sax, flute and various whimsical toys.

8 Christmas seasons ago, The Harry Ransom Center commissioned Alex Coke and myself to do something with improvised jazz and spoken word for their jazz & poetry series, and we decided to perform this magical piece by Dylan has since become an Austin holiday tradition! I hope you can share the evening with us!

Casa Karen
7402 Greenhaven
Doors open at at 8:00
Tickets $20
Free amazing holiday treats to drink & eat!
Call (512) 459-9900 for reservations and more info. C.C. accepted over phone!

Happy Holidays!!