Thursday, February 1, 2024

GATO 6 featuring Suzi Stern

 GATO 6 reunion performance!!  

This all original high energy Latin Jazz band returns to the Elephant Room in downtown Austin TX!! 

George Alan Thaddeus Oldziey (aka GATO) is featured on Piano and accordion

Suzi Stern vocals

Dr. John Mills sax

Brian Bettger and Dennis Dotson (of Woody Herman fame) on Trumpet

Mike Longoria drums

Kris Afflerbaugh bass

Bruno Vinezof percussion


It's Gato's 70th birthday celebration so come prepared to party!!

Thursday, December 21, 2023

looking back at 2023

 Hello again, and happy holidays!!

I haven't written in such a long while and felt like taking a look at some of the highlights of my past year to share with you.

In some ways 2023 felt like it flew by, but at the same time upon reflection, some things seemed like they happened ages ago!  

It has been a joy having Paul Ostermayer relocate to the area living only 20 minutes away.  George, Paul and I routinely play through material together.

George has been working a lot in his home studio when he's not in Boston teaching at Berklee. We love Boston and we get to experience a nice balance of city VS small town Lenox each week.

In March we had some snow!

And then we had some more snow...

In April I flew to Austin to be inducted into the Austin Texas Jazz Hall Of Fame.  It was a distinct and sweet honor and a fun gig!

We had a great band playing for the event: Mitch Watkins guitar,  John Fremgen bass, Steve Summer drums, Peggy Stern piano, Su Terry, John Mills and Alex Coke woodwinds...all dear old friends.

My amazing kids surprised me and came to the ceremony!

In April there was also LuluFest ATX!  Peggy brought the amazing saxophonist Su Terry into Austin from Ecuador for our festival. She knocked my socks off!  Do people still say "knocked my socks off"?  As I wrote that I thought it weird and old and odd....but she did blow me away!

Here I am with my dear friend and bass player for many years Paul Unger. 
He came down from Fort Worth for the festival.

And another very dear friend the amazing guitarist Margaret Slovak played a set.

I paused while in Austin last spring to meet the newest addition to our clan!  My grand niece!  She is perfectly adorable!

And...Passover and Easter celebrated with friends and family before heading back on the road.

We are making the most of living in our 140 year old Victorian house in Lenox, with salon concerts in the parlor for the community and a sound proof recording set up in our attic. 

When I'm not making music in Western Massachusetts I'm making bowls out of paper, gold leaf, paste and lacquer.  I'm obsessed!  Music is a theme that runs through most of the vessels.

And then more travels...from San Francisco, to Seattle, to Portland  and....

Again from Boston....

back to Austin.....
Celebrating her 34th...

My daughter Ariana's BD and a night at Antone's...

Tex Mex and Troy!  Austin food is the best!!

Lunch with two renowned Austin talents: Brilliant photographer Brenda Ladd on the left and Texas music legend Marcia Ball on my right. 
Even though Austin has changed profoundly, it still has a truly remarkable, supportive, amazing arts community. 

And back in Massachusetts :
In May I produced LuluFest Lenox...the sister festival of LLF ATX...women led bands music festival.

Here I am with Mary Ann Mc Sweeney on my LLF set...My band was George Oldziey piano, Paul Ostermayer sax and flute, Conor Meehan Drums, and Mary Ann.

On a break with my buddy Nina...

MaryAnn played the following night fronting her own sensational Fado influenced jazz ensemble.

Here are some shots from the Bernstein Theatre sound check.

Mary Ann Mc Sweeney's Fado band, Peggy Stern's Quartet and The Sara Caswell Quartet played that evening.
I am so thrilled to report the evenings performances were old out!

Sara Caswell violin, Mary Ann Mc Sweeney leader and on bass, Todd Isler setting up his drums and Jason Ennis guitar

ke Sturm bass...on Sara Caswell's set.

Jesse Lewis Guitar, Ike Sturm bass, Sara Caswell and Jared Schonig drums

Jared, Ike and Jesse

Todd Isler...

The sold out theater and magical music...a view from the wings:

We are enjoying all of the music and art in this area when we're here. 

In our own home we had the brilliant John Stowell perform in our parlor for a captivated audience in September, and last week we hosted a wonderful holiday / jazz quintet salon performance here.  George played piano, I sang and we had Paul Ostermayer on flute and sax, Jon Sutters on bass and Conor Meehan on drums. We had the warmest most engaged lovely audience.  I believe house concerts may be the best way to experience live music these days!  We loved it.

So onward!!  Here's to making more music and art in 2024.

And a prayer for peace, clarity, understanding and more love pouring into this chaotic world of ours. The world...the planet, needs that!

I am forever the optimist.

Happy New Year Everyone.

Musically and lovingly Yours,


Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Casa Taconic Salon Series Begins


Mark your calendars for an intimate afternoon concert in our home here in Lenox MA

Casa Taconic in the Berkshires

Sunday September 24th 
3:00 P.M.

We are thrilled to be hosting my dear friend,
The brilliant renowned guitarist 

John Stowell

John is headed this way on tour from the west coast

Space is limited so call to reserve a seat (512) 924-5821

Suggested donation $25

snacks provided 
CD’s for sale

John is a truly unique and creative jazz guitarist influenced as much by pianists and horn players as he is by guitarists. 
His original take on harmony, chords and improvisation sets him apart.
This is a rare opportunity to catch this remarkable artist in such an intimate setting.

"In the age of mediocrity and clones, John Stowell's uniqueness and originality are a breath of fresh air."
I love playing with him.
Paul Horn

“Guitarist John Stowell’s style with standards is a delightful departure from the road well traveled. He transcends the label of jazz guitarist.”
Los Angeles Times

"He plays his amplified guitar as if he were surrounded by fine crystal... the type of slow burning, sustained energy that you hear in players that practice all the time."

"John Stowell plays jazz, but he doesn't use any of the cliches; he has an incredible originality."
John is a master creator.
Larry Coryel

Find out more about John here:

Hear John on You Tube here: 

Hope to see you on the 24th!

Musically Yours,
Suzi & George

Monday, July 31, 2023

LLF Lenox was a huge Success!

 Hello Dear Friends of Jazz,

Last month was the wonderful musical culmination of many months of planning, connecting, rehearsing and more planning, with the incredibly successful result...LuluFest Lenox, the sister fest from LLF Austin...our "women led bands jazz festival" which happily....thrillingly came to a beautiful conclusion on July 15th.

Both nights were sold out with fantastic audiences and the music I have to say was spectacular...really beautiful all around. Brilliant playing and stunning compositions and arrangements. We all had an amazing time and I was so thrilled that the entire weekend turned out so makes me say "maybe I'll do this again next year!!!"

Here are some images from the weekend, and for those of you who were able to be there, thank you so much for the support and for your energy out there in the audience! 

Onward towards the next LLF Lenox!

Musically Yours,


The weekend at a glance:

The Suzi Stern Quintet : Vocalist and composer Suzi Stern with George Oldziey piano / Mary Ann Mc Sweeney bass / Paul Ostermayer on flute and sax /  Conor Meehan drums 

Mary Ann McSweeney Urban Fado Project: with bassist and leader Mary Ann McSweeney / Jason Ennis  guitar / Todd Isler  drums / and Sara Caswell violin 

The Peggy Stern Quartet: Peggy Stern piano / Lew Scott bass / Ron Horton trumpet / Peter O'Brien drums

The Sara Caswell Quartet:  Sara Caswell violin / Jesse Lewis guitar / Ike Sturm bass and Jared Schonig drums