Saturday, July 14, 2018

Change and a 5 second walk in the woods

I keep an old holiday card on my desk in my music studio.  It's a scene of a deep wood blanketed in snow and a creek running through the middle of it. The glitter on the card sparkles like the real stuff. I like to look up from my work and stare at the sparkling scene as a beam of Texas sunlight comes through the window across the card and remember the experience of had a crisp almost metallic smell and it felted everything in a world of quiet.  It's a 5 second walk in the woods and it makes me feel still.

I'm about to move to another sunny state where it doesn't snow and stays green all year round. The plans for our move to L.A. have me living half in the present where my body resides, and half in the vague movie I'm living in my head of the little white stucco southern California house and our new life in Pasadena.  Change is exciting because it always inspires. I hold onto that thought when I mourn over the fact that I'm leaving this comfortable, sweet, supportive world in Austin. In Pasadena we will be a walk to the Huntington gardens and art museums, a short train ride to one of the most amazing concert Halls in the world and surrounded by unbelievably creative and productive musicians and artists. I really can't complain!

When I think of it what I leave behind isn't being left anywhere because it's a part of me and I'm taking every bit of that with me! My unbelievable friends, the women in my life who have seen me though love found and love lost, births, marriages, divorces, successes, failures, extreme highs and extreme lows, deaths, more births and goes life...and I am fortunate beyond description to have so much love in my much many people who have always had my back. Those wonderful women, my children, my George and my family are home for me and that really isn't about the state I reside's about the state of my heart.

And for me most recently...a change way beyond this big move we're making is the arrival of my first grandchild. My son RenĂ© and his beautiful wife Selena are parents now. Their tiny little boy puts the wonder and the miracle of this life we're all living into clear perspective. It really is all quite amazing isn't it?  Let's not forget to enjoy it!

I'll keep you posted on the little guys changes, new musical creations, and our life on the left coast.

Bye for now and off to California!

Much Love,