Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Hall Of Fame

 It has been too long since I've written to you all. I keep getting emails from out of town friends and fans wondering what's going on in our new lives here in Western Massachusetts.

A quick run down: We've been commuting to Berklee School of Music in Boston every week for 2 days, then returning to our magical little abode in Lenox. We're enjoying watching the snow fall...even enjoying shoveling the white stuff!  It's good exercise and when you're finished there is a nice sense of accomplishment staring you in the face being able to see the walkway again which safely welcomes visitors to your front door.

I've been getting things in order here in Lenox to produce a sister festival of the Lulufest we started in Austin Texas.  I'm learning to write grants...learning to be brave about asking foundations and private donors for assistance to get Lulufest Lenox off the ground.  It's been a learning curve and I'm loving it.

It is all coming together nicely so that on July 14th and 15th I will proudly present The First Annual Lulufest Lenox!

We will be kicking off the festival with my Quintet on the 14th of July at Gateways Inn on Walker Street in Lenox.  My dear life long friend and a new transplant to the Berkshires...Paul Ostermayer (of Leonard Cohen fame) will joining us.

Then on July 15th at The Bernstein Theatre in Lenox I have a beautiful line up of women led bands:

Mary Ann McSweeny's Urban Fado Band,  The Peggy Stern Quartet

and grammy nominated jazz violinist Sara Caswell and her band.

Sara just released a long awaited C.D. and we get to hear it all live!  Cannot wait!

But before all of that happens I'm traveling back to Austin Texas to perform and assist with production of Lulufest ATX on April 1st.    Here are more details: https://lulu-fest.com/

And on Sunday April 2nd I am being inducted into The Music Hall Of Fame in Austin Texas.  I was so surprised, flattered, moved and deeply honored when I received the call from the Austin Jazz Society about being inducted. I'm truly thrilled.

Here are more details: 


Well this was just a quick catch up and if you've made it this far reading my post I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart! 

Stay warm!  Spring is just around the corner!!

Musically Yours,