Thursday, April 15, 2021

Loves Benediction

 Hello blog readers!

It's been a long time since I've posted something so I wanted to touch base quickly to share my latest track.  The initial recording was done in Austin Texas over a year ago with Peggy Stern on piano, Javier Chaparro violin, Paul Unger bass, me on vocals and engineered by George Oldziey. Then the world scored a pandemic so the rough tracks stayed in our computer until last month when George and I decided to add a few production details from our studio here in Pasadena.  

George recently purchased and amazing sound library and I fell in love with the children's choir so he added some soaring lines in places where I wanted lift. We recorded George playing accordion which of course was needed on a tango and we added percussion.

 I sent the mixed track to Sarita Apel and Andres Bravo in NYC who choreographed this dance to my track then George edited the final footage.  It was trial by fire because video editing is much different than audio editing which he's a master at.  I'd suggest a cut on a certain turn or lunge or request the entire thing might be cool if it were in black and white except for Sarita's fire engine red skirt, so he would open up tutorials on You Tube explaining how to do that given effect, and we'd creep along this way learning as we went.  It was Suzi and George's pandemic project # 32! 

I hope the link below works but if not you can find it on my channel at You Tube Suzi Stern jazz "Loves Benediction"

There are several almost completed tracks waiting for their finishing touches so I'll keep you posted. 

If you're reading this it's because you 're on my list and support the performing arts, and for this I thank you.

With deep gratitude and musically yours,