Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Boys to Men and our Government

I had the opportunity to hang out with my wonderful 6 year old nephew last weekend. I'm blown away by the change in him in just a few he stepped through a portal into a big boy phase over night. He is thoughtful and interactive and funny and so articulate starting sentences with things like "well actually" or " I think this is a really good idea...what do you think..." going on to explain his theory about whatever. He is awesome and I adore him.
But I also noticed what I think to be a distinctly male thing that he started doing recently.  It was reminiscent of Neil Sandler who sat next to me in Mrs. McMurrys class in 1st grade. Both Neil and my nephew have / had this propensity to make crazy eyes all of the sudden while sticking out his tongue and jumping up and down, screaming with wild excitement then running across the room throwing his body onto the couch, popping back up and repeating the process a few times before moving onto speaking in tounges "ga, la, ma, go go, gaga gogo gooo poo poo!!! while walking like a penguin.

I would just sit quietly and watch this process like a fascinating floor show and be in awe of his explosive energy.
I'm always tired.
It started me thinking about how boys have had this characteristic forever I guess...because the boys in my first grade class acted this way and even when I was myself a first grader I thought the male humanoid strange...different from me in ways beyond my understanding at the time...interesting and a bit over zealous and loud. Erratic. Explosive. Obnoxious? 

So maybe the fact that 80.7% of our United States Congress is run by the male humanoid explains a lot.  Hmmm.  Boys to Men who still act like Boys making most of the big important world changing serious decisions for us.

I have a son who is an amazing nephew will grow into an amazing man...this is our hope. That we raise strong women and smart men, but I am reminded that in 2 days we will inaugurate a man with a 6 year old mentality to become the 45th president of the United States. "Well actually" 6 year olds have longer attention spans.