Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Onward towards the next phase

It's pouring rain in Austin today.  Once again I start my blog by talking about the weather. I feel a change in my creative process when the weather changes, so I love the variables that constantly occur outside my window; a cold gloomy, damp day can inspire.

Speaking of inspirations: My 98 year old mum had been visiting us here in Austin from Buffalo NY She flew home yesterday. She is everyone's hero.    At 98 she is still traveling...still cooking and reading volumes of books and is highly opinionated...Rachel Maddow is her hero. She keeps a positive perspective about some pretty extreme changes in the world, politically and environmentally...in her words "we'll get through this period...we'll all muddle through."  Her calm approach to life explains why she's so old, no??

This year I'll be traveling to L.A. for longer periods of time to work and teach and lend support to my husband George while he works with his composition and orchestration talents out there. We'll have homes in both Austin and Pasadena. (pretending we're rich!) We're both excited, a bit nervous but definitely completely optimistic about this new chapter. I love change and this is definitely a big change.

George and I will be in Austin the end of Feb. to play the Elephant Room with GATO 6
http://www.elephantroom.com/      and I hope if you're free on March 5th you can make it to hear my band perform for the Austin Jazz Society.  

This is my photo shoot team from the last project "Romancing the Dark" They are all amazing artists and have projects going on all over the world at the moment. I was so fortunate to work with them.
My stylist Selena Pinnell,  Videographer René Pinnell and photographer Brenda Ladd.

See you post inauguration day...in a new era.
Have your voices be heard and be loud in light of positive change for the future. Spread love, make more music and art, and thank you for being interested in this little artist enough to have read all the way through my ramblings!