Friday, January 27, 2017

On the road again!

Traveling to new places always expands my vision.  I am reminded that there are so many different ways to live. There are so many different types of people who are moved by the vastly different environmental surroundings that shape their unique culture.
This trek that George and I are currently on isn't really very far. We're just driving from Austin Texas to Pasadena California, yet the changes in color, and light and texture and the dynamics of the people who live along this 1300 mile line are remarkable. The food, the art, the politics, the general aesthetic noticeably shifts along the highway.

Here are some shots that I've taken while on the road this week in West Texas, Santa Fe New Mexico, and Sedona Arizona.  I'm still to Oregon after Pasadena California, but I'll be back in Austin to play some jazz gigs on February 24th at the Elephant Room with GATO 6, and then a warm musical offering with two great friends Alex Coke and Peggy Stern at a house concert hosted by the phenomenal piano restoration wizard Bernard Mulberg at his beautiful home on Feb. 26th. (email me for more info. on that event!  And on March 5th the Suzi Stern Quintet will be the featured band at the Austin Jazz Society concert series at Chez Z.

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West Texas Beauty

Headed to Lubbock

Cotton. Clouds of white soft loveliness growing out of a stark dry soil popping out of unforgiving sharp pods. Imagine picking this for 12 hours a day.

George and the west Texas big sky.

Snow and berry vines in Santa Fe.

Crab Apples and snow...Santa Fe

Santa Fe adobe

At our dear friend John's home in Sante Fe..talking over vino in his great kitchen...look at that kitchen!!

More snow in early morning Sedona Arizona!

Snow on grasses, Sedona Az

Bell Rock in a cloud Sedona

George growing out of nature!

Beyond the wire...

Wire and snow scape

Bell Rock

Our planet is so stunning!!

Earth and sky...intense!

By mid day the snow had melted and the red's of the earth intensified.

Happy Hiker!