Friday, January 20, 2017

Worst in me and the best in me...

Donald brings out the worst in me...but also the best.
I was taking a power walk this inauguration day morning trying to clear my head and I found myself thinking terrible things, like: "Oh I hope he suffers as he realizes what an enormous job he's taken on...I hope he goes down in a murky sink hole of stress, nasty tweets and continually lower popularity ratings in his precious polls so he can get impeached knowing he was immensely disliked...then in the middle of imagining him burning in a firey pit of doom and despair I caught myself..."wait a minute...I don't want to hate ANYONE...I'm not liking how this feels at all!"

So I switched gears to muster up the compassion thought waves.

Poor Donald. He's just unloved. He was probably the unhealthy unattractive overweight kid at school who never felt loved at home. As I walked along I could see him in the bubble over my head...there he was sitting alone in the playground dreaming about one day being Orange.

Well...he got his dream. He is Orange and he is the 45th president of the United States. Michael Moore predicted this and I never imagined it could come to pass. I don't really think Donald thought it could really happen either as he seems a bit overwhelmed and completely un-prepared.

The other bright spot in all of this is that we are all made profoundly aware of how divided the country really much anger, hate, fear, disappointment and desperation was brewing here, that is now out in the we need to counter that by being even more vigilant about speaking up, defending kind and just ideals...taking actions to defend our civil liberties, become more involved, proactive, loud...most of all loud in love.  So thank you Donald for opening our eyes and scaring us enough to get busy. We have a lot of work to do. I still cannot stand you though. Sorry.

Go hug someone!!